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about create justice


A national initiative founded by Carnegie Hall in New York City and the Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network in Los Angeles, Create Justice is a national hub that helps collect, organize, and amplify arts-centered approaches to transforming youth justice systems. As part of this effort, four gatherings over three years have brought together a diverse group of artists, young people, policymakers, funders, nonprofits, and researchers from across the country to share ideas and work side-by-side to leverage the power of the arts for youth justice and reform.

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Inclusion, connection and community

The arts are about inclusion, connection and community. We have seen firsthand the transformative power of the arts in the lives of youth involved in our Weill Music Institute programs. The arts provide a unique opportunity for nurturing talents and creative expression, and provide pathways for youth to work toward personal goals and reach their potential.

– Sarah Johnson, Chief Education Officer Director of Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute

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Create Justice is both a learning community and a vehicle for action. The Create Justice community offers a space to share, connect, and be re-inspired. The action will be carried forward by four groups. Those groups are the Leadership Cohort (comprised of the co-chairs of each work group), and the three action groups: Peer Learning, Policy and Research.



identify, develop, and support
creative collaborations
and arts-focused opportunities



organize, train advocates,
prioritize and
communicate actions

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support research and
evaluation done at the intersection
of the arts and youth justice


Commissioned Works

As part of its mission, Create Justice is committed to commissioning new work that illuminates the ongoing conversations around youth justice reform, arts engagement, and cultural equity.




The Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network (AIYN) provides structure and coordination for the collaborative work of community-based arts education organizations serving youth in the Los Angeles County juvenile justice system. AIYN envisions a future where youth are empowered and the systems that serve them are transformed by centering arts as a healing strategy, and as a way to build the wellbeing of young people and their communities. AIYN serves justice-impacted youth in the Los Angeles County, leveraging the reach and expertise of its members to amplify impact, provide thought leadership for the field, and serve as a model for effective collaboration.

Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute (WMI) produces an extraordinary range of music education and social impact programs each season that extend far outside the physical walls of our concert halls. These programs reach over half a million people in New York City, across the US, and around the globe each year. WMI is driven by a belief in the power of every individual’s creative capacity and aims to inspire discovery and encourage personal growth in all its programs.


Transforming the juvenile justice system

The cost to incarcerate a young person in California is $200,000 per year and in New York the cost is $350,000 per year. In that context, it inspires us even further to invest in our youth by focusing on education, increasing access to the arts, and transforming the juvenile justice system.

– Kaile Shilling, Executive Director of Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network

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What’s at Stake


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