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Research is a tool for identifying patterns and understanding causal relationships (the how and why things work) so that we are able to leverage our results and insights to inform the future and prevent a repetition of negative cycles of history. As a group of practitioners, scholars, and recipients of arts-based intervention programming, we are interested in conducting research that is rooted in a historical understanding of systemic oppression and inequities. We recognize both qualitative and quantitative methods as ways to collect information (data) that is used to inform the field and policy measures, improve practice, and effect positive change. We support and conduct research and evaluation done at the intersection of the arts and youth justice, which pursues the following values:

  • Features purposeful and actionable applications for practice, policy, and the field at large

  • Balances qualitative and quantitative approaches, valuing each equally for what it can uniquely contribute (statistics are not more valuable than the stories & people behind the numbers)

  • Privileges the experiences and knowledge of the many different people who are impacted (system-impacted youth; families, staff who train and work in the system)

  • Takes into account the harmful historical patterns that are built into current youth correctional settings, seeks to disrupt them, and replace them with stronger and fairer approaches



The Research Action Team:

  • is focused on centering  young voices in the research being conducted at the intersection of the arts and justice.

  • believes the best research is done with communities, not on communities.

  • will continue to generate a set of “best practices and strategies” for how to partner with - and not just tokenize - youth in the research being done about them.